Top Games for 2019

2018 was an excellent year for video games. Somehow society decided it’s still OK for people over 30 to have fun with a console without being sent to a re-education center, and, ah, there were also a bunch of games we enjoyed to the fullest. God of War became the game of the year deservedly, Red Dead Redemption 2 Broke all records, and the kids are still as hooked on Fortnite as one would expect. And what awaits us this year? More Resident Evil, more Devil May Cry, more Kingdom Hearts, more Rage, more Gears of War, even more, Pokémon if that’s your role. You can also permeate in this list an original game, not a remake of the twentieth title in any series. Everything can happen. At the moment, check this article periodically because we will be adding punctually the best games that will appear, and you will not want to miss any. Do you have any free time? A few loose euros? I already have a plan for the next few months! Let’s play!

  1. Ghost Recon Breakpoint-October 4

This sequel to the award-winning Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a military looter shooter that develops in a vast and visually impressive open world, which you can play for the first time in individual mode or online cooperative mode with four players. Wounded, unsupported, and with old Ghosts hunting you down, you’ll have to fight to survive in Aurora. With borrowed ideas from other Ubisoft ‘open-world’ such as Far Cry or The Division 2 but with a ton of new content to discover, this title bets on more realistic gameplay than ever before.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – 20 September

The classic 1993 for the Game Boy, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, becomes more resulted than ever for Nintendo Switch. This ‘Zelda 2D’ is not only the original game brought to a new console, but the visual section has been completely renovated and adapted to the high definition, showing a look like a miniature model that is irresistible. The passage of these 26 years and the jump to a new console also allows new functionalities, such as 360° movements, more buttons dedicated to actions like Sword, Shield, and a sprint of Pegasus boots and improvements in the game map, accessible at any time and with options to point and Mark exciting points.

  1. Borderlands 3-13 September

Gearbox has stirred with the Borderlands formula to improve it in this third installment further and thus manufacture the ultimate shooter-looter: bigger, longer, more fun, and more essential for all fans of looting and shooting on a large scale. Borderlands 3 is a hilarious galactic adventure full of extravagant characters, epic enemies, duels with final bosses, and a billion guns.

  1. NBA 2K20 – 6 September

Although he has no rival after his classic EA competition threw in the towel, the NBA 2K saga continues to be outperformed year by year. Among the improvements of this edition-which has come surrounded by some controversy over the trailer Mode, my team that included slot machines and other games of chance– is the most realistic player handling to date, with an improved motion engine with unique styles and advanced shooting controls. In my career mode, with LeBron James as executive producer, you will be placed in the skin of an NBA promise that seeks excellence on and off the court and also features the voices of actors of the stature of Idris Elba or Rosario Dawson.

  1. MotoGP 19-6 June

All the fun, no danger of a snub! The classic motorcycle franchise is back on your console and Pc with lots of news for motorcycle fans. Compete against the champions of MotoGP, or put yourself in the shoes of a rookie pilot that goes up against positions from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup until you reach the top of the highest category. Or, if you prefer, participate in dozens of essential challenges with mythical pilots of the stature of Max Biaggi.

  1. Days Gone – April 26

This ambitious adventure of action and survival in the open world is one of the great titles of the year for your PS4 and comes courtesy of Bend Studio, the team responsible for the magnificent Syphon Filter saga. Set in the Postapocalyptic forests of Oregon, after a pandemic that has left the world plagued with zombies, we put ourselves in the skin of the Deacon St biker. John who will soon discover that the greatest danger in this new world is not the undead, but the surviving humans.

  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice-March 22

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of the magnificent and complicated Dark Souls saga, transports us in his new project to a fantastic and dark Japan. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an epic adventure that will introduce players into a world full of brutal enemies and sword fights in which patience, technique, and creativity stand out.