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Fact Sheet

Developer: Box Hedge Games, based near Strasbourg, France

Full Game Name: Super Mighty Power Man – The Champion of the Galaxy

Release Date: Q4 2018

Platforms:  Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS, PC (Windows), Sony PS4 (TBD), Xbox One (TBD)

Price(s): Normal Edition USD (TBD), Deluxe Edition USD (TBD)

Availability: Digital Download – Steam, GOG, eShop, PSN (TBD), Xbox Live(TBD)

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

ESRB: Aiming to E for Everyone

File Size: ~100Mb (will vary based on platforms)

Website: www.boxhedgegames.com

Social: Facebook, Twitter

Press Contact: press@boxhedgegames.com

Kickstarter Page:


Play as Corey, a gutsy kid who accidentally finds himself caught in a most unexpected adventure to save the galaxy. Helped by a clumsy extraterrestrial robot named Robby, and armed with a mysterious device called ‘The Power Grasp’, Corey must defend the Earth from the spreading evil forces of General Mok. He will need to fight (and jump) his way through deadly environments, hordes of monsters, and other hazardous traps to free occupied planets from the tyranny of his enemy’s lieutenants.

‘The Power Grasp’ grants Corey superhuman powers, allowing him to merge with other lifeforms and become one of the many forms of Super Mighty Power Man!


  • Experience a 2D action-platformer in the purest NES form without sacrificing any of today’s technological advancements.
  • Ability to switch between 8 different suits and master their respective weapons and abilities!
  • Excellent responsive controls to test your skills in different environments filled with traps and enemies!
  • Cool gameplay elements and level design!
  • True 8-bit NES aesthetic featuring colorful sprites and backgrounds!
  • Cute and appealing cast of characters introduced via short, humorous cinematics.
  • Encounter with countless different creatures and defeat giant bosses!
  • Levels packed with secrets, alternative paths and items to collect!
  • Complete the full collection and the various objectives to unlock new features.
  • Awesome NES chiptune soundtracks with cool melodies and catchy rhythms!
  • Full support of all type of controllers and customizable personal settings.

Compagny History

Box Hedge Games is a small indie studio started in 2016 by two friends, Alessandro D. and David R., who have been working in various AAA and mobile video game companies for the past 18 years. They have worked on many well-known games including: Atlantis, Test Drive Unlimited, Kinect Disneyland Adventure, Assassin’s Creed, Ice Age, Men in Black, Dungeon Hunter, Bubble Witch Saga.

“We both started our gamer’s life on machines such as ZX80, Amstrad, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, NES/Famicom, Master System, SNES/Super Famicom and Genesis/Megadrive. Back in 2004, we founded our first game company and surrounded ourselves with a team of talented individuals which quickly allowed us to work on other great titles such as Spyro the Dragon, Castlevania – Dawn of Sorrow and The Sims.

Today, with our new company and the development of our first title, Super Mighty Power Man, we seek to strike a chord with both new and older players. We want to make a great game that fondly reminds you of those long summer afternoons spent playing with your brothers, sisters and/or neighborhood buddies. We want to bring back those moments where it was still fun to die because of a miscalculated jump, while your surrounding audience gasped at your mishap. Let’s bring it all back with Super Mighty Power Man!”



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