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About us

Box Hedge Games is a small indie studio started in 2016 by two friends, Alessandro D. and David R., who have been working in various AAA and mobile video game companies for the past 18 years. They have worked on many well-known games including: Atlantis, Test Drive Unlimited, Kinect Disneyland Adventure, Assassin’s Creed, Ice Age, Men in Black, Dungeon Hunter, Bubble Witch Saga.

“We both started our gamer’s life on machines such as ZX80, Amstrad, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga, NES/Famicom, Master System, SNES/Super Famicom and Genesis/Megadrive. Back in 2004, we founded our first game company and surrounded ourselves with a team of talented individuals which quickly allowed us to work on other great titles such as Spyro the Dragon, Castlevania – Dawn of Sorrow and The Sims.

Today, with our new company and the development of our first title, Super Mighty Power Man, we seek to strike a chord with both new and older players. We want to make a great game that fondly reminds you of those long summer afternoons spent playing with your brothers, sisters and/or neighborhood buddies. We want to bring back those moments where it was still fun to die because of a miscalculated jump, while your surrounding audience gasped at your mishap. Let’s bring it all back with Super Mighty Power Man!”


We have created the following FAQs.  We also invite you to submit your own questions by sending us an email at contact@boxhedgegames.com or press@boxhedgegames.com if you are a journalist. We will do our best to answer you quickly.


Are you planning to release the game on other platforms such as PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Linux and Apple Mac?

We understand that some players may be eager to get the game running on their favorite system(s). Unfortunately for now we are not planning to release it on any other platforms than the ones listed on the game page. In the event that we do release Super Mighty Power Man on ‘new’ platforms, we would likely prioritize PS4, Xbox One and then PS Vita simply due to their popularity.


Why did you decide to work on a game like Super Mighty Power Man?

We worked in both big and small companies, handling various positions and tasks. However, at the end of the day we often felt like we weren’t doing much. In those companies, projects came and went, some were successful, some are not, and we often asked ourselves “Did I really contribute to whatever the outcome was?”

From a pure gaming standpoint, we have always been gamers and game makers at heart. Therefore, we are huge fans of those indie developers that literally do everything to come up with the best game ever. Just look at David’s personal Kickstarter backer profile for proof of this. We simply felt it was our turn to jump into this new and exciting adventure, especially when you see great and inspiring indie games such as Retro City Rampage, Shovel Knight, Undertale and Stardew Valley.


But who is going to play and enjoy this 8-bit kind of game?

It is a fair question to ask but the ones who are already excited about Super Mighty Power Man know the answer. It amounts to amazing gameplay, action-packed levels, cool suits & abilities, powerful weapons, beasts of all shapes and sizes, hidden items, secrets, and massive boss fights! If you are among the people who recently craved or somehow got lucky enough to acquire the NES Classic Edition and/or the Super NES Classic Edition system(s) from Big N, then Super Mighty Power Man is for you!!


Super Mighty Power Man sounds and looks a lot like Mega Man. Is that on purpose?

Super Mighty Power Man is not Mega Man, simply because there is only one Mega Man!! Only one Blue Bomber!! (or many if you count all the X, Z, ZX series and various spinoffs)

However, it is fair to say that Super Mighty Power Man borrows some game mechanics and game loops from the Mega Man series, like game borrows from other titles. Although, the playability and pace may feel similar, we took the freedom to include many other elements to create something unique.

As for the Mega Man-like aesthetic of Super Mighty Power Man, we have always loved clean pixel art where well drawn sprites and legible animations pop up from the screen. The Mega Man games always succeeded in doing that and we tried our best to accomplish this in SMPM as well!

Now if you want to know our opinion about Mega Man… well, we just feel like most of the fans of the Blue Bomber. The series has been badly depicted and untapped for the past years despite valiant attempts. So, if Super Mighty Power Man can somehow fill that gap by providing some real fun to players until an official Mega Man game is released, we will obviously be more than happy to oblige!


Why did you decide to run a Kickstarter campaign at first?

Besides the fact that developing games costs money, we simply felt that it was time to let a large group of people know what we have been working on for the past year. We are hoping that the Kickstarter campaign brings to light Super Mighty Power Man and grows a community of passionate players longing to contribute to its development and success.


Where are you in the production of Super Mighty Power Man?

We are nearly done with pre-production and will enter full production in the coming weeks. We have already created many assets and tasks to keep us busy for the months to come. Also, we have a fully playable demo of a finalized level which gives a solid picture of what the game features, its gameplay, and flow. We continue to tweak things based on feedback from testers to ensure maximum fun. We still have work ahead of us, but we are making great progress!


Is there anything else players should know?

We want to bring the fun directly to you! 😉


We will expand this section later to provide any help and/or additional information regarding the game. For now, you may refer to the section below if needed.

Contact us

Box Hedge Games
6 rue Sainte-Odile
67201 Eckbolsheim

Contact Email: contact@boxhedgegames.com
Press Email: press@boxhedgegames.com
Facebook: facebook.com/BoxHedgeGames
Twitter: @BoxHedgeGames



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